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All of our HomemadeSoapnSuch luxury bar soaps are made with only the finest quality natural base oils and botanicals.  No harsh chemicals, no oxides, and no animal products are used. Only natural colorants are used. As with our bath and body bars, our Jojoba Awapuhi Shampoo Bar contains no parabens or sulfates. Our soaps are gently fragranced with essential oils and/or quality fragrance oils and have a luxurious lather. Once your skin and hair have been treated to the gentle luxury of quality HomemadeSoapnSuch soaps, you will never again want to go back to mass-produced soaps which contain chemicals that can dry and irritate.

Because each batch of soap is handmade and hand cut, there may be slight variation of color or size from one batch to another.

Each listing is for 1 bar of HomemadeSoapnSuch natural vegan soap.
Weight: 4.5-5 oz.
$5.75 per bar.
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Natural, Handcrafted, Vegan Luxury Soaps

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Winter Forest Homemade Vegan Soap

'Winter Forest'
Natural, Handcrafted Vegan Soap

Winter Forest Homemade Vegan Soap

Smell that delicious balsam and fir! Winter Forest is a blend of all-natural base oils, essential oils, a botanical, and a quality fragrance oil that take you directly there - to that special, magical forest you love..

You don't actually get the snowflakes, but you do actually get that wonderful scent of balsam and Siberian fir trees that will delight you and make your bath burst with forest fragrance.

As with all our soaps, Winter Forest is natural, handcrafted, and vegan. All colorants are natural and we use no additives or preservatives.

Perfect and ready for gift giving.

Winter Forest is the same soap as Christmas Forest, but with a Winter Forest label.

Each hand cut soap bar comes with its own distinctive label and is wrapped in a cello bag with gold seal, ready to give as a gift.
Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Botanical, Quality Fragrance Oil, Essential Oils, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide

Appx. 4.5+.oz. 

This listing is for 1 bar of Winter Forest Homemade Vegan Soap

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Homemade Soap, Natural Vegan Soap, Enchanted

With a blend of floral and oakmoss
essential oils and quality fragrance oils

With the fabulous blend of floral and oakmoss essential oils and quality fragrance oils, there was really no other better name for this handcrafted vegan soap than 'Enchanted.'

This beautiful, sculpted bar of Enchanted homemade soap has the same great, silky and moisturizing lather of all our other homemade, vegan soaps. Always mild, with an amazing fragrance.

We use only natural colorants, no oxides, in all of our soaps.

These are large, gorgeous bars of natural homemade soap, 4.5 oz., but usually more. Always wonderful to your skin, with a moisturizing and fragrant lather. The fragrance of our homemade vegan soaps is never overpowering.

You'll love this! Don't forget to purchase extras for your guest bath - and for gifts! Each fragrant bar of Enchanted homemade vegan soap comes wrapped in its own distinctive label and enclosed in a clear cello bag - ready for gift giving. (See photos on sidebar.)

100% Natural Base Oils, Vegan - we never use animal products in our soaps!

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oils, Quality Fragrance Oils

Appx. 4.5+ oz.

This listing is for 1 bar of Enchanted homemade vegan soap.

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'Oatmeal Almond'
Natural Vegan Soap

What could be more natural than oatmeal and almond! This handcrafted bar soap is simply down-home, all-natural, country goodness. The finely-ground oatmeal (no big flakes here!) has a deep and hearty natural oats fragrance that will remind you of walking past a country granary on a warm summer afternoon.  When you put the lovely lather of this oatmeal and almond soap on your face, it feels like a silky-smooth pudding. I don't pretend to understand how that works, but it does.

So, Oatmeal Almond is great as a complexion soap or a hand soap. As with all my handcrafted soaps, Oatmeal Almond has a generous lather and is gentle and kind to your skin.

To ensure the longest possible life for your soap, make sure to store it on a soap dish with good drainage, allowing it to dry between uses.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soybean Oil, Palm oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Oatmeal, Essential Oils

Large 4.5-5 oz. bars.

Shipping within the U.S. only.

Berries & Spice

Berries & Spice
Natural, Vegan, Handcrafted Soap

Made with all natural base oils, essential oils, and quality fragrance oils, Berries & Spice handcrafted vegan soap brings a wonderful fragrance to your shower or bath. A deliciously fragrant and beautiful bar of soap with only the best ingredients.

Many soaps are chemical heavy and harsh on your skin. Your skin deserves a kinder, gentler, natural bar of soap that will leave it feeling soft, silky, and moisturized. And it smells great!
Each gorgeous and fragrant bar of 'Berries & Spice' comes wrapped in its own distinctive label with a list of ingredients on the back, and is enclosed in a clear cello bag, ready to give as a gift.

All of our soaps are natural, handcrafted, and vegan. Only natural colorants are used - no oxides.

Makes a great gift for 'Thinking of You,' 'Because You're Special,' 'I love you, Mom' or just about any occasion. This is a gift they will remember, for these natural, handcrafted bars last a long time and give you a luscious, fragrant lather.

Better stock up now. We make our soaps in small batches and you don't want to miss out on 'Berries & Spice.'  This is the same soap as Christmas Morning, but with a Berries & Spice label.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Essential Oils, Quality Fragrance Oils, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, natural colorant.

Each bar is appx. 4.5 oz.

Shipping within the U.S.A. only. See our Etsy Shop for International Shipping.

All-Natural Defense

'All-Natural Defense'
Handcrafted Vegan Soap
With Essential Oils that are known to have
some level of Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties

I don't know if you've looked at the label to read the ingredients of the many antibacterial soaps on the market, but I have. The long list of unpronounceable ingredients, along with the question of effectiveness and safety have made antibacterial soaps the focus of an FDA investigation. With reason!

I won't promise you that 'All-Natural Defense' has extreme antibacterial and anti-fungal effects, but I can tell you that it is made with only natural ingredients and essential oils that have been safely used for ages - that are known to have some antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Play it safe. Why use soaps full of chemicals when you can use a natural soap with essential oils that is gentle to your skin and has known essential oil properties - certainly better than worrying that your chemical-laden antibacterial soap may adversely affect your health!

From NBC NEWS on December 16: Go to the following link to read the entire article:

"It's not a new issue. The FDA started asking about triclosan in 1978. Environmental groups and some members of Congress, such as Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey, have been calling for limits on the use of triclosan. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) sued and the FDA agreed last month to do something about triclosan by 2016.

“It’s outrageous that FDA has waited 35 years to protect the public from this harmful chemical. This final rule should prohibit triclosan from use in soaps,” Mae Wu, a lawyer for NRDC’s health program, said in November.

There’s no proof yet that triclosan is dangerous to people, the FDA says. But studies are ongoing and there are hints it could be.

“Animal studies have shown that triclosan may alter the way hormones work in the body," the agency said. While animal studies don't always predict a problem for humans, the FDA said the studies "are of concern to FDA as well, and warrant further investigation to better understand how they might affect humans."


Check our ingredient list: This soap contains only the following ingredients: Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm kernel oil, Shea butter, distilled water, and a mix of 4 essential oils that have been used for centuries, perhaps millennia. This soap has a nice, mild herbal fragrance.  The only other ingredient, and the one that turns a mixture of oils and water into soap, is sodium hydroxide, a.k.a. 'lye.' All soap contains lye. Without it, you simply have oils and water, which, if you remember from chemistry class, don't mix.

Each hand cut soap bar comes with its own distinctive label and is wrapped in a clear cello bag, ready to give as a gift.

Large, Appx. 4.5-5.0 oz. bars