'Oatmeal Almond'
Natural Vegan Soap

What could be more natural than oatmeal and almond! This handcrafted bar soap is simply down-home, all-natural, country goodness. The finely-ground oatmeal (no big flakes here!) has a deep and hearty natural oats fragrance that will remind you of walking past a country granary on a warm summer afternoon.  When you put the lovely lather of this oatmeal and almond soap on your face, it feels like a silky-smooth pudding. I don't pretend to understand how that works, but it does.

So, Oatmeal Almond is great as a complexion soap or a hand soap. As with all my handcrafted soaps, Oatmeal Almond has a generous lather and is gentle and kind to your skin.

To ensure the longest possible life for your soap, make sure to store it on a soap dish with good drainage, allowing it to dry between uses.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soybean Oil, Palm oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Oatmeal, Essential Oils

Large 4.5-5 oz. bars.

Shipping within the U.S. only.