'Sandalwood & Vanilla'
Natural, Handcrafted Vegan Soap

Although the sandalwood tree originates in Asia, its popularity has spread throughout the world.
Sandalwood is used in perfumes, soaps, incense, and wood products.

My handcrafted Sandalwood & Vanilla's bright and delicious fragrance brings you a blend of spice and wood, along with a slight hint of vanilla. Quite delicious, actually, and a soap that will also be enjoyed by the man of the house (if he can pry it out of your fingers, that is.)

All of my natural vegan soaps have a luxurious lather and because they're made with quality oils, they're also gentle to your skin. 

No additives or preservatives, no animal products. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soybean Oil, Palm oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Quality  Fragrance Oil, Natural Colorant

Appx. 4.5+ oz.