Lavender Bud Vegan Soap, Homemade

Homemade Lavender Bud Soap
With Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils 

Lavender Bud:

This beautiful bar of lavender bud homemade soap has the same great, silky and moisturizing lather of all our other homemade, vegan soaps. Always mild, with an amazing lavender and vanilla, plus a slightly woodsy and earthy fragrance, accomplished by a combination of Essential Oils and Quality Fragrance Oils. It's luscious!

Real lavender buds crushed, finely ground, and stirred into the soap for a slight exfoliation factor and extra fragrance. This soap has a great moisturizing and fragrant lather. Treat your skin to natural goodness!

You'll love this! Don't forget to purchase extras for your guest bath - and for gifts! Each fragrant bar of Lavender Bud homemade vegan soap comes wrapped in its own distinctive label and enclosed in a clear cello bag - ready for gift giving.

100% Natural Base Oils, Vegan - we never use animal products in our soaps!

Allow your HomemadeSoapnSuch vegan soap to dry between uses to ensure a longer soap life. These bars do last a long time. If you're ready to move on to a different type of bar, e.g. Midnight Jasmine, you can always put your (dry) Lavender Bud bar in your dresser drawer and use it to make your lingerie smell fantastic!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, Essential Oils, Quality Fragrance Oils, Lavender Buds

4.5-5 oz.

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