Woodland Flowers Homemade Soap Vegan

'Woodland Flowers'
A Woodland Floral Homemade Vegan Soap
Forest moss, balsam, and wood violets

You walk out of the warm, sunny meadow and into the filtered light of the cool forest. What is under that beautiful, green canopy? What scents greet you? Soil, wood violets, pine boughs, leaves, etc. All of those will come to mind when first catch a whiff of this deliciously fragrant soap. Earth tones from natural colorants, including French Green Clay, a popular skin care ingredient, are swirled to make this a beautiful bar of handcrafted soap.

Moisturizing and gentle, with a wonderful woodland fragrance, this floral and woodsy soap will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. And you'll enjoy the process. Whether you use it at the sink or in the shower or bath, Woodland Flowers will not disappoint.

The earth tones of this gorgeous soap are made with only natural colorants. If you've ever wondered why people buy homemade soaps, look at the short ingredient list. Contrast that with the long chemical ingredient lists on most store soaps.

Another vegan soap. No animal products are used in our homemade soaps, ever!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, French Green Clay, Natural Colorant, Sodium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, Quality Fragrance Oil

Each hand cut soap comes with its own distinctive label and is wrapped in a cello bag, ready for gifting.

Allowing your Woodland Flowers Homemade Vegan Soap to drain well on a slotted soap dish between uses will ensure a longer life for your soap.

Large 4.5-5 oz. bars

Price per Bar: $5.75

Shipping within the U.S. only